TigerTMS and IT Hospitality sign a Strategic Partnership

The world’s largest single supplier of communications and guest management systems as well as integrated voice & data solutions to the hospitality industry, and the largest focused hospitality system Integrator for the region, join forces to drive integration and deployment in Africa and the Middle East.

Hampshire, Casablanca, 2nd February 2021 TigerTMS and IT Hospitality announced today that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement, with the objective to jointly develop the hospitality market in the Middle East and Africa.

This partnership enables IT Hospitality to deploy and integrate TigerTMS solutions as part of their turnkey solution packages to Individual and International Hotel Group Hospitality projects in the region.

John Owen, Chief Executive Officer at TigerTMS, acknowledged that with this new partnership TigerTMS intends to strengthen their presence and deployment over the African continent. “IT Hospitality’s existing customer base, local network and expertise after 15 years spent in Africa will enhance TigerTMS’ s footprint into the region’s hospitality pipeline projects as well as existing sites looking for our Solutions.”

Olivier Hennion, Managing Director of IT Hospitality, has a vision to create an environment where the process of IT integration for Hotel Groups is the simplest of tasks. “by partnering up with TigerTMS we add another great set of solutions to our portfolio of chain referenced solutions. It will enable IT Hospitality to design, integrate, bundle and support wired and wireless infrastructure services to even more Hotel Groups across the Middle East and Africa.”

Both organizations are looking forward to a successful and prosperous partnership.

About Tiger TMS

With over 35 years industry experience, TigerTMS is probably the world’s largest single supplier of communications and guest management systems as well as integrated voice & data solutions to the hospitality industry. We provide world class technology solutions for 9 out of 10 of the largest and most prestigious hotel groups within excess of 18,000 individual hotels running our applications.

TigerTMS’ success is reflected in the long-term relationship established and nurtured with hotel groups, independent hotel operators, telecommunications manufacturers, systems integrator and property management system vendors.



IT Hospitality is one of the largest IT solutions integrators for Hotel Groups in its region for more than 10 years. Its mission and vocation are to expertly design, integrate, bundle and support wired and wireless infrastructure service to Hotel Groups across the Middle East and Africa. By supplying bigger and better infrastructures our customers can offer the Hotel Guests the full power of the newest technologies and support an ever-increasing number of devices and bandwidth usage.

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