Nevaya partners with IT Hospitality for Middle East and Africa

Nevaya, together in partnership with IT Hospitality, look forward to delivering fast SaaS solutions for the hospitality industry throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Because Nevaya’s Casting, TV & Mobile solutions are completely cloud-based, they can be ready to go for an entire property within a couple of hours, without disruption. The platform’s centralised online portal control makes it simple and easier for businesses to control their brand communications as well as system performance across multiple properties. Meanwhile Nevaya don’t just keep up with the latest trends – they create them, so with this enhanced SaaS technology, businesses stay ahead of the game with happy loyal guests, expert integrations and creative opportunities for generating revenue.

“We are delighted that our partnership with IT Hospitality enables us to deliver one of the most innovative, secure and entertaining solutions for guests to MEA, with the assurance of professional integration expertise, specifically for the region.” – James Richmond, CEO at Nevaya

With our partnership with Nevaya we continue to position IT Hospitality as the go to turnkey integration partner in the region. It’s our vision to create an environment where the process of IT integration for Hotel Groups becomes the simplest of tasksOlivier Hennion, Managing Director of IT Hospitality.”

Together, we look forward to enhancing both the guest and hotelier experience in MEA.

About Nevaya

Based predominantly in the UK, Nevaya delivers SaaS solutions across the globe in over 30 countries to some of the world’s largest hospitality groups and brands. With advanced and innovative technology, Nevaya still knows how to put people first, and remains very much a team of exceptional individuals working together on one clear goal; helping hoteliers to give their guests a better stay.


IT Hospitality is one of the largest IT solutions integrators for Hotel Groups in its region for more than 10 years. Its mission and vocation are to expertly design, integrate, bundle and support wired and wireless infrastructure service to Hotel Groups across the Middle East and Africa. By supplying bigger and better infrastructures our customers can offer the Hotel Guests the full power of the newest technologies and support an ever-increasing number of devices and bandwidth usage.

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