Digital Signage: How to best communicate inside the hotel

IT Hospitality hosted a discussion with Nigel Bateson, Executive Vice President of Otrum AS and Peter Vinke, Director Key Accounts, Philips Professional Display Solutions during the #AfricaTomorrow virtual conference on 21st July organized by Bench Events.

The topic “Digital Signage, how to best communicate inside the hotel” was a very engaging topic and our panel members shared their own experiences and professional insights.

With digital signage, hotels have a powerful tool for engaging visitors and providing an improved guest experience. They are no longer restricted to using static, passive signage that guests ignore and overlook.

With interactive and digital screens, hotels can connect with guests using motion graphics, animations, and even touch-screen technology placed in or near:

  • Lobbies
  • Elevator Banks
  • Guest rooms
  • Entrances and exits
  • Hallways
  • Conference halls

Digital screens present opportunities for hotels to impress guests and make their stay more enjoyable. Current and updated instructions on post COVID rules and regulations are also easily communicated throughout the hotel to ensure the best possible adherence and information to the guests.

“Dynamic, engaging and easily updated digital signage are key in terms of communicating with the hotel guests to ensure a regular and consistent message, addressing post COVID rules and regulations as well as clear directives for the hotel guests” said Nigel Bateson, Executive Vice President Otrum AS.

“Replacing printed notices and avoiding outdated event posters, like Christmas party promotions after Easter, digital signage will allow the hotel to engage their guests with relevant and updated information and promotions”

“Digital Signage has become relatively inexpensive, especially when you factor in the costs associated with updating and reprinting traditional, static signage. Additionally, digital signage displays can be linked together to create a cohesive, always-updated notification for customers and staff.”

“Hotel owners and operators often forget that they already have a digital screen installed in each of their guestrooms, the in room TV’s can double up as a very effective and engaging digital signage, it’s just a matter of interfacing their guest TV’s to their digital signage setup to turn each TV into a very effective promotional tool for their in house operations” according to Peter Vinke, Director Key Accounts, Philips Professional Display Solutions.

Here are a few examples of how hotels can use digital signage to make life easier on their guests.

  • Show off the property. Digital signage can display high-quality photography from around the property, so guests know what to expect and expect during their stay. In house outlets, special promotions, daily specials, and evening entertainment programs can be displayed and regularly updated.
  • Entertain guests. While guests are checking in, digital signage can display entertaining content that occupies time while the check-in is processed.  
  • Expedite check-ins. Interactive digital signage also speed up the check-in process by offering screens that collect information from guests to expedite their experience.
  • Help guests plan their stay. Digital signage further assist guests by offering information about the property, amenities and enable guests to schedule services or make reservations at property spas and restaurants.
  • Nearby attractions lists and maps. Digital signage provides guests with directions and listings of local attractions near the hotel property.
  • Weather and outdoor condition updates. Guests monitor the outdoor conditions by viewing digital signage  that automatically update content based on the weather. Weather reports– current temperature, 5-day weather forecast, today’s weather prediction, etc. to help your guests to make plans accordingly
  • Flight Information and News updates. Instant arrivals and departure information from the local and international airport to guest updated on their upcoming flights. News story headlines from both local and international news outlets.
  • User-Generated Content. Displaying user-generated content on digital signage for hospitality is one of the most amazing and engaging ways to attract your guests’ and passing by visitors’ attention. You could display user-generated content from various social media platforms showcasing your guests having fun on your premise and enjoying your services using a social media wall display solution
  • Emergency notices. When digital signage is placed all over a large property and connected to the same communication system, they can be used an emergency alert system. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or dangerous weather conditions, digital screens throughout a property can release vital details on: Where guests should go, What guests should do…
  • In-room services. With digital signage solutions every screen in the hotel (including the in-room TV screens) can be controlled from one central system. Hotel TV channels become an interactive platform for the guest to engage the hotel, review the services offered and order in room services offered. Hotels can also engage the guest with personalized messages through their interfaced solution with the hotels PMS system.
  • Virtual Concierge. Digital signage solutions for virtual concierge display up-to-date information in real-time. They can enhance your guest experience by employing digital signage as virtual concierge kiosks with a custom-designed collection of virtual concierge image gallery in the hotel lobbies. Displayed photo slideshows, showcasing hotel dining & amenities, providing guests with information and improve their overall guest experience.
  • Third party Advertisements Without harming your hotel’s credibility and brand image, you could smartly employ your digital signage to display selected advertisements in order to generate some extra revenue. Digital signage provides you with immense opportunities to display advertisements without being explicitly evident about it. You could smartly incorporate advertisements into the local offers and discounts that you display to your guests while informing them of the locality. This way you also offer your guests a list of selected and preferred partners that they may consider. This helps to further build a trust link between you and your guests, thus, facilitating and improving the overall guest experience.

About IT Hospitality:

IT Hospitality is one of the largest IT solutions integrators for Hotel Groups in its region for more than 10 years. Its mission and vocation is to expertly design, integrate, bundle and support wired and wireless infrastructure service to Hotel Groups across the Middle East and Africa. By supplying bigger and better infrastructures our customers can offer the Hotel Guests the full power of the newest technologies and support an ever-increasing number of devices and bandwidth usage.


Otrum provides cloud management and control of smart TVs, mobile devices, casting solutions and digital signage to a range of business verticals. Otrum’s digital signage solutions provide you with powerful communication throughout your property.  Now installed in over 1000 locations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia

About Philips Professional Display Solutions

Philips Professional Display Solutions (Philips PDS) is a business unit that exclusively markets and sells Philips Professional TVs, Signage Solutions, and monitors worldwide. Philips PDS is operated by TP Vision and MMD, two legal entities that are subsidiaries of TPV Technology—the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs and monitors.

About the panel members:

Frederic Van Lennep, Business Development Director, IT Hospitality.

Nigel Bateson, Executive Vice President of Otrum AS

Peter Vinke, Director Key Accounts, Philips Professional Display Solutions


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